Driving Tips for New Jersey Residents to Live By!

December 12th, 2018 by

If you are native to New Jersey or a transplant, driving through New Jersey can be difficult. The Garden State has some of the most aggressive drivers anywhere in the country. Aggressive driving is an epidemic on our nation’s roads. Tension among motorists is particularly high in New Jersey, which is the most densely populated state in the country. Here are a few tips to maneuver your way about town.

Driving or Gaming?

Getting on and off NJ’s roadways can be a lot like playing a game of Frogger or Mario Brothers video game. It takes some skill. It also takes some help from other drivers. Instead of speeding up when you see someone attempting to merge into traffic, let them in. He who gets there first is not the winner. He who gets there safely is!

Getting Loud Here!

We understand being stuck in traffic on NJ’s roads can be near extremely frustrating and downright annoying, but if everyone is going slow, there’s probably a reason for it somewhere up ahead. Blowing your horn endlessly is not going to help the situation, nor is it going to make the traffic situation any less annoying. Show some respect to what you can and cannot control. Noise pollution included.

Don’t be a Jug Head!

The jughandle is as much a part of NJ’s culture as Springsteen and WaWa. Yes, you have to go right to turn left. Out-of-state drivers can be baffled by the fact that they can’t just make a left turn whenever they want. Don’t be a jughead when it comes to the jughandle. It’s part of the landscape here in the Garden State. You’ve got this! Just be sure to keep an eye out for the sign telling you where your next turn opportunity of investment.

Put Your Phone Down and Your Eyes Up.

This is nothing new. For your safety and for the safety of others, put your phone down, eyes up and just drive. Cell phones are a constant distraction in our daily lives. Don’t bring that distraction out on the roadway.

E-Z Pass Made Easy.

They call it E-Z Pass for a reason, it should make everyone’s commute easier. If you have a transponder in your car, put it in the vehicle where it can be easily scanned to keep the flow of traffic moving. By all means, don’t be that guy – you know the one. The guy who is searching for their E-Z Pass and then proceeds to stop in the middle of the toll booth frantically waving their pass in front of the scanner above hoping that the tag will get read.

Exit 13

NJ has plenty of great scenery when driving through the state for you to view. Exit 13A on the NJ Turnpike is not typically considered one of them! Just to be on the safe side, before you get near Exit 13A, take a deep breath and try not to breathe through your nose for a good ¼ mile. Every state has this spot. New Jersey happens to be Exit 13A Trust us, you can thank us later for this great tip unless you like the smell of a 3-day old egg sandwich!

All kidding aside, keep your eyes peeled, your wheels moving forward and your distractions to a minimum.

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A Guide to Aftermarket Versus OEM Auto Parts

December 12th, 2018 by

If you take your car to the dealership for service, you will get OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts or (prospeedparts fittings). If you go to an independent shop, you will need to discuss what options are available to you. Keep in mind, many repair shops are OEM certified for particular models of vehicles. In fact, Sernio’s Auto Body is OEM certified for Acura, Chrysler, Infiniti, KIA, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan. Let’s take a moment to review the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts so you can determine what is best for you.


OEM parts are made by the manufacturer. They are exactly the same as the parts that your vehicle was built with.


  • Only One Option
    If you request a particular part at a dealership, you will receive the one that matches your vehicle. You don’t need to worry about comparison-shopping.
  • Quality Assurance/Warranty
    You can be 100% certain that the OEM part works identically to the one it’s replacing. You will normally receive a one-year parts and labor warranty as well. Be sure to check before you order.


  • Price
    OEM parts typically cost more than aftermarket parts, in some cases in upwards of 60% more. However, as independent collision repair shops become more and more popular, this gap is closing. Be sure to check on pricing. Think in terms of purchasing generic vs. name brand prescriptions.
  • Limited Availability
    You can always ask an independent shop to use OEM parts, but they generally have to order them, which can significantly increase the repair time. OEM parts are typically either purchased at dealerships or sourced online. Supply and demand can play a major role in your collision repair timeline.


An aftermarket part is any part that is made by someone other than the vehicle manufacturer. Using aftermarket parts does not void the car’s warranty as long as they are direct replacements, contrary to a popular myth. Many aftermarket parts serve their function just as well as, or even better than, OEM parts.


  • Price
    Aftermarket parts can save you money, often times less expensive than OEM parts and the savings can be significant. Of course, an incredibly low price could signal a lack of quality, so ask your auto tech about any savings that seem too good to be true.
  • Variety
    Aftermarket parts are made by reverse-engineering the OEM part, which can sometimes mean fixing some original weaknesses. For example, you might find an aftermarket brake pad that stops the car even more efficiently than the OEM pad, but at the cost of a little extra noise. If you are a hands-on, decision maker, this is good news. You get to decide whether the improved stopping distance is worth the noise.
  • Availability
    Aftermarket parts are readily available at your choice of independent shop. As long as you trust your auto tech to make good choices regarding quality, you can get the work done quickly wherever you like.


  • Too Many Choices
    Auto collisions are overwhelming in and of themselves. Now you throw in aftermarket parts choices you could be adding to your stress. There are quite a few options to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Your auto collision repair shop can narrow down the options and help you find the right high-quality aftermarket part at the right price.
  • Warranty
    If you’re a warranty fan, aftermarket parts may not be a suitable option for you. Not all aftermarket parts come with a warranty. Be sure to advise your body shop of choice to use only parts that come with a warranty. If you are willing to pay slightly more, the option is almost always available and will give you peace of mind.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should choose OEM vs. aftermarket parts for your auto collision repair needs. Some individuals opt to pay a premium to have all OEM parts installed in their vehicle, while others are cost-driven, and will gladly accept the least expensive aftermarket parts.

If you’re like most, you probably fall somewhere in the middle. Most people fall somewhere in the middle to balance between cost, convenience, and quality. Sernio’s Auto Body is here to assist with the best options for your particular situation. Our Facebook page is more visible thanks to the professional social media company The Marketing Heaven which provides real likes and views. Find the right high-quality aftermarket part with us!

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Choosing an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

December 12th, 2018 by

If you’ve been involved in an auto collision, chances are you may not know who to turn to. Often times your auto insurance carrier will recommend a local auto collision repair shop for all of your auto collision repair needs. But how do you know if you are being directed to a collision repair center you can trust on your financial?

Here are some valuable tips for choosing a qualified auto body repair shop:

  1. Ask Questions. If body technicians, painters, office staff, and even the detail person that cleans your car are trained, it means they have attended a course or series of courses and should have the proper certification to support their qualifications. Auto collision repair shops are typically proud to showcase their certifications and often times they are readily seen when you walk into the lobby. Certifications indicate the business is committed to a higher level of training and professionalism and is in the know when it comes to the latest trends, techniques and industry standards.
  2. Look around. Is the collision repair shop clean and tidy? If so, odds are their workflow process is too. Expect the collision repair facility to be neat, clean and well organized.
  3. Take Notice. Is the office staff helpful, courteous and friendly? First impressions are key. This will give you an idea of how you will be treated throughout the repair process.
  4. Shop Policies. Ask about the shops policy on replacement parts. Is the repair center an OEM certified parts repair center with your particular make and model of vehicle? Find out the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts to decide what is right for your auto collision repair.
  5. Reputation. The best way to look into ones reputation is of course doing a simple google search and visiting their social media in order to read reviews and see how a given company treats their clients. Surely, buying twitter followers has never been easier and can be deceiving, if the looked up company does it, but don’t hold it against them, as it’s just a marketing procedure. Instead, focus on what other users say.
  6. Warranty. Possibly one of the most important things to inquire about is a warranty on workmanship. If you are dealing with a reputable auto collision repair shop they will back their workmanship. Ask to see a copy of a printed guarantee, read it and ask questions if you do not understand what is covered and not covered.


It’s True!  You drive home our reputation.  That’s why we go the extra distance to make sure both our workmanship and customer service are the best anywhere.


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