Major Collision Repair in Jersey City

Major Collision Repair in Jersey City

Sernio’s Auto Body provides major collision repair in Jersey City. Sernio’s Auto Body provides you with all of your major collision repair needs from frame alignment to metal work. If you’re looking for major collision repair in Jersey City, Sernio’s Auto Body is the place to go. When you come to Sernio’s Auto Body for major collision repair you are guaranteed quality work and attention to every detail. Your car will be repaired to its pre-accident condition.

If you have been involved in a major collision it is important to turn to the Jersey City leader in auto collision repair. Sernio’s Auto Body is fully staffed with customer friendly office personnel, and highly skilled certified auto body technicians that know what it takes to get your vehicle back on the road safely and swiftly.

Frame Alignment

In major collisions, a cars frame can be damaged without you knowing, but at Sernio’s Auto Body we can align it back to its pre-accident condition. We utilize a Continental Frame System capable of multiple pulls, crucial in returning your vehicle to its original factory specifications. Correct frame alignment is crucial in maintaining a vehicle’s integrity, as well as safety and performance of the vehicle after repair. Without correct frame alignment, your vehicle could be easily susceptible to further damage in the event of another car accident and could even compromise your safety.

With our frame alignment expertise, we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

If you’re in need of major collision repair in Jersey City, as well as frame alignment, contact us today at 201.795.1673, Mon – Fri 7am-5pm and Sat 8am-12pm or stop by our shop at 896 Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City, NJ to see how we can get you back on the road in no time.


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